New Store Hours for 2018

Cross is now open Monday - Friday 9:30AM to 5:00PM
Special Saturday Openings are from Thanksgiving to Christmas
Holidays We Are Open:
Martin Luther King Jr Day.........Monday, January 15th
Presidents Day........................Monday, February 19th
Columbus Day.........................Monday, October 8th
Veterans Day...........................Monday, November 12th




Why We Work A Traditional 40 Hour Work Week

It’s almost unheard of for a retailer the size of Cross Jewelers not to be open weekends or even just on Saturdays. In our 100 year history we’ve almost always been closed on weekends. We are now returning to our 9:30AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday traditional hours of operation.

The reason we keep traditional hours: We are sharper, brighter, and more creative with a 40 hour work week. We research and develop innovative designs you’ll never see anywhere else. On the weekend and especially on Sunday, we rest, repose, relax and revel in the natural beauty of Maine, our incredible coast, and dreamy mountains. And then of course, we mine gems in the Western Mountains of Maine, not by ourselves, but with our mining partners. Many are surprised to learn that some of the world’s finest tourmaline are found here in Maine. We also have amethyst, aquamarine and garnet gems that are found in the “Crescent of Gems” that wraps around the city of Portland.

You know what a traditional jewelry store is like: watches, pearls and cases of designer jewelry lines. Cute, lovely, nice? Yes. Fresh, real, down to earth? No. Visit one, visit a dozen traditional stores; they are all pretty much the same. Visit Cross - the core, the foundation of our design philosophy is everywhere to be seen. In our store our rings are designed to be low, close, comfortable, solid, safe, secure, practical, wearable, durable, and beautiful too.

We design jewelry for how women live their lives in the 21st century. This is not jewelry created for members of the audience where they politely applaud at the end of the set. This is jewelry made for full, active participation in life. 

You can visit us on our website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most items are “click and buy”, and you can always “click” and call Monday through Friday 9:30AM to 5PM. As always, shipping is free anywhere in the USA. To visit us, it’s Monday through Friday 9:30AM to 5PM. You may need to rearrange some things to make the time, but it’s absolutely worth it.