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Maine Tourmaline - The Source

Tourmaline is found in our western mountains just outside the city of Portland. We have a passion for Maine Tourmaline and a close connection to Maine’s gem miners. Cross has been the state's leader in Maine Tourmaline for over 100 years and maintains the largest collection of these Maine gems ever assembled.

Choose from luscious shades of pink, green, teal and watermelon tourmaline. Visit our store in Portland or browse our site. Choose your favorite and give us a call.


View the largest collection of fine Maine Tourmaline jewelry in the world.

SparHawk – Mint Green Teal is a bright lively green tourmaline recently found in a farmer’s field just 28 miles north of our store.

Maine is legendary for the watermelon tourmaline found in our western mountains. Most famous was the 1972 find when huge single crystals possessing both pink and green yielded an amazing array of gems.

Blue is the rarest color of tourmaline both here in Maine and around the world. We have a select group of remaining Eureka Blue tourmaline jewelry from the 2009-2010 find.

The curve, the curl, and the enveloping tumult...

Top Maine Tourmaline and other Maine Gems:

Honey Lust, Bee's Path SparHawk Maine Tourmaline & Diamond Ring F9524

Tide's Edge Ring X2289-X2290

Mr. Hawks' Ginkgo Tree SparHawk Maine Tourmaline Ring

Watermelon Patch Maine Tourmaline Gold Necklaces

Saturday Ring X1914-1916

Maine Tourmaline Lobster Claw Pendants X3206-X3209

Lady Captain's Green Maine Tourmaline Ring X2375

Orbit Maine Tourmaline & Gemstone Skylink Bracelet

Watermelon Patch Maine Tourmaline Silver Necklaces