The Maine Snowflake

We studied real snowflakes…hundreds of them. We poured over photographs and chose 6 beautiful snowflakes- one to represent each of the New England states. Since Maine has the most snowfall, is bigger than the 5 other states put together, and of course is home to Cross Jewelers…we got first choice for the most loved snowflake. We sent an email to our customers and asked them to vote for the snowflake that would best represent our glorious state. The response was overwhelming for the one we now call Maine. Great choice guys!

You might also find interesting the square mileage statistics for the New England states:

New Hampshire…9,351
Rhode Island……1,214

              Subtotal:  33,120 square miles

Maine…………. 35,387 (we win!)

Total Square Miles of All New England…68,513

 Snow Flake Challenge

I've been near-sighted since I was a child. Being very near-sighted is perfect for a jeweler because I can see up close detail as though I were looking through a 3X magnification lens. I've always had a wonder for snowflakes. I remember as a kid in those dreamy moments watching the snow fall, catching flakes on a dark mitten or sleeve and studying it up close in total wonder. Always looking for another snowflake to match one in the group. It never happened. As adults we don't spend enough time in wonder and if we do spend time thinking and wondering it's about the wrong things like politics, taxes, or bills. Here's our challenge. Catch a few snowflakes this winter and if you're not near-sighted or you're over forty you may want to bring along a magnifying glass. Check out a few flakes. Give yourself a few minutes...let's say five. Get really into it. Study and compare. I guarantee it will be the most memorable thing you do all week. Let us know what you find. Email your discoveries to . –R.H.P

 Recommended Snowflake Books

This series of 5 books by Ken Libbrecht are the best snow flake books ever written. The fabulous photographs in The Art of the Snowflake make it a great coffee table book. For the scientifically minded- The Secret Life of a Snowflake, and my favorite The Field Guide to Snowflakes is like a little textbook on everything you ever wanted to know about snowflakes. If you’re giving one or several pieces of our snowflake jewelry I suggest as a companion you get the plump little book called Snowflakes. It’s a great picture book with poetry and great quotes on nature’s magic. We don’t sell the books, but check with your local book store or find them here on .

Maine Snowflake Pendant

Small Pendant - X2955

Large Pendant - X2956

Snowflake Collection

We typically use an 18" chain on our pendants. This length is perfect for many women. Most of the chains are available in 16", 18" 20" and 24" lengths. See the product details for the specific length of chain that accompanies this piece of jewelry. If you would like a different length of chain please call us at 1800 433-2988.

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